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Nestled amid a thickly vegetated site is the Creche facility commissioned by Alembic, a Vadodara-based real estate company.


The creche facility is being erected for the company's working parents.

The site is located within Vadodara’s Alembic Art district.

The site being dotted with trees informs the building’s rather fragmented plan. The rooms are planned around trees and are knit through a linear semi-open corridor that flows into a common gathering cum play space.

The plan also generates multiple courts that are created between rooms that open into the corridor and rooms. These spaces not only enhance the experience of the building but also ensure ample play of light and ventilation through the building.

Structurally, a composite system of load bearing mud walls and concrete frame structure is employed to provide clean ceiling surfaces. Simple and elegant finishes ensure that building integrated well with the lush green surroundings of the site.

Institutional, Ongoing 2022-present
Architecture | Interiors | Landscape
Design Team:
Ayush Gajjar
Naomy Parikh

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