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Clay was never a part of the plan...

I was introduced to clay in the early days of my college life, studying architecture at CEPT university, Ahmedabad. Intrigued and drawn towards making and strong inclination towards design ever since I was very young, clay was just another  material I was dabbling my hands with until GBP happened.


As architectural interns at dustudio, Auroville, we were introduced to Golden Bridge pottery and its founders Ray Meeker and Deborah Smith very fondly. Soon after having graduated as an architect, I landed up at The golden bridge pottery, Pondicherry  for a 7 month course not knowing what it had in store for me. I was one of the five “GBP girls” that batch, who was thrown for hours at the kick wheel, clay making, glazing, quarreling over shelf planning, glazing and anxiously waiting for what the kiln gods had written for us. 

My time there not only consisted of intensive training, vital understanding of the material and its processes, but a life-long experience, joy, immense learning beyond the material.


This then led me as an apprentice to ceramicist Rakhee Kane, at her studio Aavartan, Auroville. Here i indulged in the production alongside assisting her in commissioned work and  where i had the opportunity to assist her for her exhibit for the Indian Ceramic Triannele, that took place in Jaipur.


As an extension to these enriching experiences, I have had the opportunity to showcase my work at Terra Pondy, Raw Collaborative and Hutheesing Art centre and also have been involved in academic capacity at CEPT


With all of this, alongside my architectural background and deep rooted interest in design I started on my practice doro, which undertakes architecture and  ceramic commissioned projects and is constantly finding its way with it.

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Golden Bridge Pottery | Batch of 2017
Aavartan Pottery Studio | Apprentice | 2017-18