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Ecology .. rather human ecology

Where beads of earth, air, forest, land and energy are woven together, 

Rather purposed by what we have in abundance,

the human


The karigar, the mazdoor and paas ke gaav wale.

Altogether re-purposing, reclaiming, rethinking

Soil, Wood and Ways of building respectively. 

Employing the skill of some, rather their way of life

while observing them optimize their indigenous matter till its last bit

and eventually transferring the same to many

and blurred boundaries of theirs and ours


Ignoring the drawing board for a while

But identifying opportunities of intervening where it matters.

It is an interdisciplinary and collaborative practice that consciously attempts to engage with place, matter and space with a holistic, ecologically sensitive and contextually appropriate approach that is fresh yet rooted. 


Inquisitive about the larger picture, while interested in the smallest thing that materializes, the practice finds itself naturally extending its arms to landscape and interior/product design to serve a versatile range of clients. 

doro is a young practice that consciously seeks more dialogues, hands and opportunities to grow and evolve!



Naomy Parikh

Founder, Architect



Shachi Shah

Creative Gear


Niyati Shah


WhatsApp Image 2020-12-29 at 8.56.07 PM.

Caleb Ferro

Architect, Associate

WhatsApp Image 2023-01-22 at 20.36.40.jpg

Ayush Gajjar



Sonal & Hitesh Parikh

Associates & Advisers 
Architects | Greenbuilding Consultant | Landscape Architects


Ruju Patel


People who have worked with us in the past

Aksh Chauhan | Khushi Makwana | Jay Patel | Pankaj Khage | Poorva Gupta | Chandan Bhatt | Aishwarya Singhai

 Deep Thakkar | Prachi Agrawal | Sangeetha | Vyoma Sheth | Basanta Neupane

Past Collaborations

Terra firma | Huzefa Haroon | Parv Trivedi | Saumil Patel | Monica Kochar 

Ongoing Collaborations 

Caleb Ferroneev designs | MODO | Perception Lab | Qutub Oonwala


Studio Works | Design United | 2021
AWA | CEPT University | 2022
Studio Works | Navrachana University | 2023
Forum 38 | SEALAB, Ahmedabad | 2023

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