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‘Since play matters’ is a design inventory developed for H3 Preschools, mentored

by Anand Niketan. 

Here a series of spaces and elements are negotiated in an existing built to maximize learning while at play in alignment with H3’s philosophy of holistic development through their emphasis on 3 H’s i.e. Hands (implementation) Heart (Inspiration) and Head (Information).

More specifically an inventory was devised to be a standard for each of their centers considering the constraints of a rented property. Although having a standard for all the centers, each center was tackled specifically using the opportunities that it had to offer in order to maximize the outdoor engagement.


The centers being extremely different from one another, an inventory was devised, that was placed within the center at strategic locations and modified to meet the needs of each center. The outside was created as a layer that was added to the existing surfaces on-site through different levels, textures, and materials. 

These fixed elements encourage the kids to freely climb, jump, hop, rest, walk around, splash, and play in every possible way. The functional elements are designed to double up as play elements to maximize the scope of interaction and learning.