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Architectonics of a place

Architectural research thesis

2017 | B.Arch |  CEPT University

Guide : Kireet Patel

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The study aims at understanding Auroville as a place through its built form. As mentioned earlier, the built can be studied by means of its spatial and formal manifestations with respect to forces that shape them.  Auroville being a unique example, the parameters will be defined by relationships important to Auroville, as established according to the nature of built forms from its conception till now. 

In the case of Auroville and its background, the relationship between “ the individual and collective” has been and is a pivot, around which the nature of architecture is constantly evolving, from scattered built forms on the periphery of the township to consolidated buildings towards the center today. Another significant aspect in the architecture of Auroville has been the conscious experimentation with materials and techniques along with exploration of form; the nature of which also has been evolving with “the individual and the collective“.  So in order to understand Auroville architecture, these will be the main aspects of the study.

The parameters to understand the selected types of dwellings, bearing in mind the individual and collective relationships and experimentation of materials, techniques and form will be derived from the generic premises of space, form and making. This generic premise define the relationship of built form with man, place and technique. While studying Auroville, the parameters will be specific to Auroville and the  main aspects concerning its built form.

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