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Appropriating the need for Gender Equality, warrants the need for a place that not only empowers women but also grounds them as a major cog in the growth of the society at large.

The project approaches the women’s house as a quintessential built for the people of Baghere and around, socially and economically, and the individual growth of a woman at its core. This opportunity is addressed by creating an agricultural facility that is run by women, where intensive research and training programs can be carried out to tackle the unfavorable agricultural conditions, eventually rooting its people and economy back.
The commons i.e. places created for conversations amidst the women, with the other and for all promises to form the heart of not only the campus but Baghere at large. Conversations of growth, progress, celebrations, and leisure!


the line of Undivide,

the vision of progress


yet growing

layered Induction

'for all'

the commons

'for women'

'for most'

'for all'

collecting all we can

from the roof, through the surface

tackling the Harmattan

Independent and Empowering

9. The Commons II (for most)

10. Exhibition Space

11. Market Space

12. The Commons III (for All)

13. Drinking water

14. a) Her Toilet b) His Toilet

15. Water Recycle Unit

16. Farming

17. Medicinal Plants


1. Entrance Ramp

2. Central courtyard

suurounded by Exhibition Area

3. Meeting room

4. Administration

5. Dispensary

6. Pantry

7. Workshops

  7a. Workshops spillout

8. The Commons I (for the Women)

Kaira Looro Architectural Competition
Baghere, Senegal, Africa
Design Team:
Huzefah Haroon

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