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Elumalai anna | Kamlesh bhai
Madhawan anna | Pandian anna
Ravi anna | Vipul bhai

Shot and compiled
Stavan Bhagora


Stabilized rammed earth walls in the making 


All geared up, Beginning the day with de shuttering the wall made the previous day,Moving it to the walls that's to rise today.Meanwhile, the other men begin to mix the sieved site soil and sand along with the cement;Meticulously and systematically. First couple of times turned with a spade,Watered measuredly and mixed carefully with the hand;Part by Part, carefully, until each matter is mixed well!Beginning now the first shutter i.e half of a ply,Ramming almost until half of what is put in!Rammed layers of 80mm !Layer by layer, panel by panel;Two before lunch and two after,Three men on the walls, and two taking care of the soil and making sure all is well and coordinated!As the day comes to an end, all the tools are cleaned and kept carefullyfor yet another wall the next day….

Azad Singh and Manish 

Shot by:
Stavan Bhagora

Making of the “Dome with an oculus”

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