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Ma′kaña,  (an ancient bantu name for cannabis), is a pitch deck commissioned for cannabis retreat located in Jamaica.


The brief of the deck was to create a luxury boutique cannabis infused hotel in Jamaica with an on-site cultivation, processing and dispensary facility featuring a curated selection of premium cannabis products with the aim of providing clients with an authentically Jamaican, fully-immersive, luxury cannabis experience. 


Ma’kana was born to clients John Kagia and Nicole Lee, as a  concept built on a shared love of travel, and deep understanding of cannabis, an unwavering love for the Jamaican people and culture, and an uncompromising commitment to excellence. The idea of the overall planning of the makana revolved around enhancing experiences through a curated landscape on an existing immersive beachfront and the ocean.

Main large.jpg
John Kagia and Nicole Lee
Design Team:
Naomy Parikh

Monica Kochar

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